Getting WENSS data products by anonymous FTP

The principal WENSS data products have been released on a CD-ROM. Its contents have been copied to a disk in Charlottesville. They are accessible by anonymous FTP.

A sample anonymous FTP session is shown below:

     login: anonymous
     password:             (type your full email address here)
     cd pub/nvss_8/wenss   (to access the WENSS directory)
     ls                    (to list the directory contents)
     get README.txt        (to get a list of the subdirectories)
     binary                (to copy binary files)
     cd CATALOG            (to access the CATALOG directory)
     get WENSSP10.GZ       (to get the compressed WENSS polar catalog)

Compression: The images are stored as standard FITS files compressed in GNU zip (gzip) format, the .GZ extension denoting this compression.