Jennifer B. Jackson  NRAO/ ALMA/ FELO

ALMA Front End Local Oscillator Group Technical Specialist III

I am involved in every aspect of cartridge production, here are a couple of the main things I do...

Day to Day… aka… What I do...

I create the 4-6 documents associated with each Warm Cartridge Assembly.  I use a template that I helped to create and make any necessary changes to the templates as needed.

 I create a box traveler and then a box, folder, and regular traveler for each unit.  Then I begin the acceptance reports to be ready for data insertion.

 The unit is ready to be built now, by our assembler, Don.

I update the database with parts used, and order any parts that are below restock level.


Cartridge Pre-Assembly

Thanks to our recent hiring of an assembler, I no longer assemble every cartridge, but I still look them over once they are done.  I also help to prioritize which ones will be built next.

I’m looking forward to the future, as we continue to streamline our processes and make best use of our database for assigning parts and putting together orders as required.


Cartridge Assembly

I run a battery of electrical tests on every unit, and document the results in an acceptance report.

Tests run:

Power Sweep, Frequency Sweep

Phase Noise

Amplitude Stability

Spurious Signals

Lock at 6 frequencies

Input power measurements to photmixer,


Electrical Testing

All of the test data is put into the report, I read an electronic serial number from the cartridge, and put it into all the reports.  Screenshots of the cartridge locked at 3 frequencies during each part of Phase Noise testing must also be added to the report. 

Now, all the reports must be proofread and rechecked, then passed on to the manager for scheduling of the PAI.

Time to fill out the shipping documents and get ready for final inspection and packaging!  Shipping can be a holdup for deliver, so we try to plan ahead!