HI in Early Type Galaxies

This page contains results of VLA 21cm imaging observations of two samples of early type galaxies: IRAS selected E/S0s, and X-ray selected E's. This data is unpublished, so please do not use without the consent of J. Hibbard and the collaborators listed on this page.

See also the shell sample of van Gorkom & Schminovich, and the HI observations with the ATCF, maintained by B. Koribalski. Optical images are from the Digital Sky Survey, retrieved from the CADC CDROM jukebox.

HI in IRAS Selected E/S0's

Michael Rupen NRAO (P.I.)
Kjersten Bunker, NCSU
J. Hibbard, NRAO

VLA D- and DnC-array HI mapping of a complete sample of E's selected on the following basis:
  1. Sample of Knapp et al. 1989
  2. 100 um flux > 1 Jy
  3. Vo < 3000 km/s
Last updated: 8/16/98 23:55

Follow this link to Kjersten's Summer Student Talk (presentation via IMPROF(TM), a product of Guy Worthy. Let me know how useful/slow this is.

NGC 2292/3 (S0_o pec, S0+ pec)

Environment: Compact group LGG 138 or NGC 2280 group
HI cube: R=1, 40"x33", dv=41.8 km/s, 1sigma=0.7 mJy/b
Beautiful complete HI ring seems associated with faint extended stellar disk emenating from NGC 2293 and surrounding both galaxies. Also detect edge-on spiral to north (ESO 490-G045). The spiral to the west of NGC 2292/3 is NGC 2295, and is not detected in HI, despite having a a very similar optical velocity. Also observed by David Barnes at the
ATCA (see July ATNF newsletter).

NGC 2328 (S0-?)

Environment: isolated?
HI cube: R=1, 96"x33", dv= 41.5 km/s, 1sigma=1.2 mJy/b
Goodly amount of HI, centrally concentrated. Also observed by
ATCA (C530, Morganti, Sadler, & Oosterloo).

NGC 3273 (S0^o)

Environment: group LGG 200=Antilia Group
HI cube: R=1, 53"x38", dv=41.9 km/s, 1sigma=0.7 mJy/b
No HI detected in NGC 3273. We do detect two dwarf companions (No. 212 of Antilla group, Sm III directly to NW, and MCG -06-23-034, Sb to the SW), and possibly some emission to the north.

NGC 4125 (E6 pec, LINER)

Environment: group LGG 266=NGC 4125 group. X-ray source.
HI cube: R=1, 160"x40", dv=42 km/s, 1sigma=0.9 mJy/b
Some evidence for a marginal HI detection, but very poor UV coverage. Is there a single dish detection? Needs to be re-observed.

NGC 7173/6 (E+ pec/E pec:)

Environment: Compact Group HCG 90 = LGG 450. Also includes NGC 7172 (Sa pec dustlane galaxy to the north, Sy2), and NGC 7174 (Sab pec to W of NGC 7176). Group is X-ray source.
HI cube: R=1, 44"x38", dv=42 km/s, 1sigma=0.5 mJy/b
We detect HI in NGC 7172 only. Also observed with
ATCA by Tom Oosterloo.

HI in X-ray Ellipticals with Fine Structure

Anne Sansom, University of Central Lancashire (P.I.)
J. Hibbard, NRAO

VLA D-array HI mapping in December 1997 of a sample of E's selected on the following basis:
  1. High Fine Structure Index from Schweitzer & Seitzer 1992
  2. ROSAT X-ray observation with >100 counts
  3. Range of Lx/Lb (group 1=low Lx for Lb; group 3=high Lx for Lb)
See also HI Mapping of Five Fine-Structure Ellipticals (2003, AJ, 125, 667), and Cold & Hot Gas Content of Fine Structure E and S0 Galaxies (2000, AJ, 120, 1946)

NGC 3610 (E5:, Lx/Lb group 1)

Environment: group LGG 234 = NGC 3642 group
HI cube: R=1, 66"x49", dv=10.4 km/s, 1sigma=0.6 mJy/b
No HI detected in field. MHI(3sigma)= 8E6 Msun over 42 km/s.

NGC 3640 (E3, Lx/Lb group 3)

Environment: group LGG 233=NGC 3640 group
HI cube: R=1, 62"x49", dv=10.4 km/s, 1sigma=0.6 mJy/b
No HI detected in Elliptical. MHI(3sigma)= 7E6 Msun. HI detected in edge-on dwarf spiral to NE (CGCG 039-149).

NGC 4382=M85 (S0+ pec, Lx/Lb group 1)

Environment: LGG 292 = Virgo I group
HI cube: R=1, 54"x50", dv=10.4 km/s, 1sigma=0.6 mJy/b
No HI in elliptical. MHI(3sigma)= 4E6 Msun. HI detected in barred spiral NGC 4394 to East.

NGC 5322 (E3-4, Lx/Lb group 3)

Environment: Group LGG 360=NGC 5322 group
HI cube: R=1, 57"x50", dv=10.4 km/s, 1sigma=0.6 mJy/b
No HI detected in Elliptical. MHI(Ssigma)= 1E7 Msun. 2 companions detected: Im to NW (UGC 8714), dSp to SSE (MCG +10-20-039). Extended radio continuum detected in Elliptical.

NGC 7626 (Epec:, Lx/Lb group 2)

Environment: LGG 473=Pegasus Group, or Pegasus I cluster. X-ray source centered on NGC 7626; extended X-ray on NGC 7619.
HI cube: R=1, 55"x49", dv=10.5 km/s, 1sigma=0.5 mJy/b
External HI detected between NGC 7626 and NGC 7619. HI also detected in Sb to East (NGC 7631). MHI(3sigma)= 2E7 Msun. Radio jet seen in continuum.

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