For Tim ps files of HI absorption profiles (.tar.gz)

Paper I: The IR Luminous Galaxies

Hibbard & Yun, in preparation.

(not linked to yet; for now, see poster presented at Jan 1998 AAS meeting) This paper presents HI observations of 7 IR luminous galaxies. For the moment maps, Red=receeding, Blue=approaching

For CO maps of LIRs see ASIAA LIRG project

  • Mosaics:
  • Arp 220 Figures:
  • Arp 299 Figures:
  • IC 883 Figures:
  • Mrk 273 Figures:
  • NGC 1614 Figures:
  • NGC 2623 Figures:
  • VV 114 Figures:

    Paper II: Comparison between IR and Optically Selected Mergers

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