HST MUV Survey: Figs. 4.xx

from "An HST Survey of the Mid-UV Morphology of Nearby Galaxies", Windhorst et al., 2002, ApJS, 143, 113 (plus 38 E-only pages)

Mosaic of the panchromatic HST (F255W, F300W, F814W) and optical ground based (from the VATT) images of the HST MUV Survey. The galaxies are presented roughly in order of their observed morphological type. We start with the regular early types in Figs. 4.01-4.03 and correspondingly numbered figures. Subsequent sections present early-type galaxies with significant AGN in the mid-UV (Figs. 4.04-4.06), merger products that are likely to evolve into early type remnants (Figs. 4.07-4.09). Next, we discuss early- through mid-type spiral galaxies showing spiral structure in the mid-UV (Figs. 4.10), grand design spirals (Figs. 4.11-4.14), a spiral with an inner ring (Fig. 4.15), and edge-on spirals (Figs 4.16-4.20). We discuss the late-type- and dwarf spiral galaxies in Figs. 4.21-4.25, and the Magellanic Irregulars in Figs. 4.26-4.32. We finish with peculiar galaxies and merging/interacting systems (Figs. 4.33-4.37).


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