The Apparent Morphology of Peculiar Galaxies
at Intermediate to High Redshifts

J. E. Hibbard and W. D. Vacca, IfA

(gziped eps of figure to left, for R.A.W.)
The Astronomical Journal, 114, 1741 (1997) (pdf) (ADS)

To understand the range of morphologies observed in the galaxy population at high redshift, it is instructive to evaluate the appearance of local peculiar galaxies when placed at cosmological distances. To this end, we use rest frame ultraviolet (UV), B, and V band images of five nearby (z<0.016) interacting and/or starbursting galaxies to simulate deep HST observations of peculiar galaxies at medium to high redshifts. In particular, we simulate Hubble Deep Field observations in the F606W and F814W filters of starburst galaxies in the redshift range z~ 0.45-2.44.


See also: Kuchinski, L. E. et al 2000, Comparing Galaxy Morphology at Ultraviolet and Optical Wavelengths, to appear in the ApJ Supplement Series.
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