Observations of NGC 4038/9 (``The Antennae" = Arp 244)

John Hibbard, NRAO

Left: Truecolor represenation of my CTIO B-, V- and R-band data. (See also one or the other of the three-colour optical image taken by David Malin, at the AAO). Or the "True Color" and NIR H-band image from the OSU Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey)
Right: Optical (green & white) + 21cm HI (blue) from VLA C+D array observations (.jpg) (.ps.gz)
HERE is that incredible HST image of Whitmore & Schweizer.

Optical images are either from the DSS (wide field of views), or from the CTIO 0.9m, observed in 4/89.
The K-band data were obtained with the UH88" in 1/95.
The D-array HI data were obtained at the VLA in 6/96, the C-array in 6/97, and they were fully processed and combined in 11/97.

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