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So, it's finally time to admit that I'm not likely to keep my personal page up to date. Instead, I'm moving to posting updates on my NRAO blog at There, I hope to post updates on things I've learned, problems I've solved, scripts I've written. Go there!


Hi. I'm a Systems Administrator with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, VA. I currently maintain Mac OSX systems (mostly laptops), Linux servers and audiovisual systems.

Prior to coming to the NRAO, I was a FreeBSD systems administrator at several local companies. I also worked for a while as an embedded Linux engineer for a company that makes ARM-based single-board computers for industrial/commercial use. I used to be a licensed amateur radio operator (callsign KG4NGV). Back when it existed, I was also a co-organizer and presenter in the Charlottesville Unix User Group.

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