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Kelly Freed
Kate Grier
CV REUs at the Confederate Breastworks
Green Bank receiver lab
Mike McCarty getting some instruction on receivers from Galen Watts
Rich Lacasse describing one of the GBT receivers
Kelly Freed: "That's a receiver!"
Kate, Amanda, Julia, and Kelly eye the GBT
A giant dog attacks the GBT!
Kelly, Hannah, and Kate hug the 140ft
Some of the many telescopes of NRAO Green Bank
Three young astronomers pointing out the GBT
GBT observing run setup
More GBT observing run setup...
CV Summer Students observing with the GBT
Scott Ransom providing some tips on GBT pulsar observations
Ben, Mike, and Kelly pondering their GBT observation setup
Julia: "I think better in this position"
"...or maybe it was this one..."
Deep into the GBT observing run...

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