Joe's Notes

NRAO project notes and related thoughts.


VEGAS Data Display

Web application to display VEGAS spectra during an observation.

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Mapping Pipeline

Calibration and imaging pipeline for GBT spectral line mapping observations.

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Spectral Pipeline

Quick-look data reduction pipeline for single pointing GBT spectroscopy observations.

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Spectra Query Tool

Web application to query GBT spectra.

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VO GBT Spectra

Exposing GBT spectra to Virtual Observatory services.

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GBT pointing

See where the GBT is pointing using Google Earth. This code has been shelved, but come talk to me if you are interested in hearing more.

Pulsar App

Mobile application for learning about pulsars.

RadioSky App

Mobile application for learning about the NRAO.

Papers and proposals


In 2011 I led a proposal to request funding from the NSF to develop a HDF5-based astronomical imaging data format. It wasn't funded, but I learned a lot in the process.

Some publications


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