NANOGrav Fall 2009 Workshop

Meeting Schedule

Basic daily schedule: Special events:

Workshop Topics

Summarized from the Oct 12th telecon. Topics have been divided into "main" sessions which are more discussion-oriented and "breakout" that involve smaller groups, are more work-oriented and can potentially go on in parallel. Topics are listed here in quasi-chronological order.

Main sessions Breakout sessions
  1. Introduction 9am Thursday
    • Welcome to CV, general announcements.
    • Everyone give a couple-sentence summary of work.
    • Discuss/modify meeting agenda.
  2. Data analysis tutorial 10am Thursday
    • Basic overview of timing?
    • ASPFits timing and pol cal (Marjorie)
    • PSRCHIVE (Paul)
    • Tempo2 (Joris)
  3. Observational status and short-term planning Thursday AM
    • Discussion leader: Paul
    • Review current source list, cadence, recvrs, backends, etc.
    • Any new sources to add?
    • Should we ask for more time?
    • Near-term instrumentation plans
  4. Long-range planning Noon Thursday, 11am Friday
    • Discussion leader: Andrea
    • Probably multiple sessions
    • New telescopes: SKA, FAST, EVLA, ATA, ...
    • New instrumentation: New receivers, next-next-gen backends, ...
    • NANOGrav structure/organization
    • Funding?
    • IPTA collaboration
  5. Review previous day 9am Friday/Saturday
    • Open discussion of yesterday's results
  6. Miscellaneous
    • Any small topics that don't quite fit anywhere else
    • Coordinating NANOGrav PR (Scott)
    • Update on searches (Scott) 9:30am Friday
    • Leiden meeting organizing? (Dan)
  7. GW sensitivity estimates 10am Friday
    • Discussion leader: Rick
    • Review basic concepts
    • How many pulsars, for how long, etc.
    • Review Hobbs' IPTA paper
  8. Goals for 2010 Saturday PM
    • Discuss what we would like to have accomplished by then.
    • Papers
  9. Final wrap-up Saturday PM
    • Probably merges with 2010 goals.
  1. TOA comparisons (aka "grunge") 2pm Thursday
    • Group leader: David
    • Who: Ingrid, Marjorie, Paul, Joris
    • Thursday PM
    • 1713+0747 comparison
    • Paulo's ASP problems
    • Fix TEMPO
    • Organize a "standard" pipeline
  2. Interstellar medium 2pm Thursday
    • Group leader: Dan
    • Who: Ryan, Paul, Maura
  3. Pulsar searches
    • Group leader: Scott
    • Who: Ingrid, Rick, Xavi, Jason, Maura
    • Upcoming GBT 350 MHz search.
    • PALFA???
  4. GW detection algorithms 2pm Thursday, 4pm Friday
    • Group leader: Rick
    • Who: Xavi, Larry, Sam, Andrea, Ryan, Brian
    • Thursday PM
  5. Cyber infrastructure 1pm Friday
    • Group leader: Ingrid
    • Who: Maura, Sam, Larry, Marjorie, Scott, Andrea
    • NANOGrav webpage
    • Database development
    • Wiki
    • Version control