TAPE Backup - All you ever wanted to know...

Type of media (for drives we actually have)

NOTE: Refer to CV Computing Backups for a more up to date listing of tape types.

All Capacities ("Cap.") are in Gigabytes.

Drive Type Subtype Cap. Notes
Exabyte (8mm) 8200 2.3 The original Exabyte.
8500 5.0 "High density" mode; emulates 8200 in low density mode.
8900 20.0 "Mammoth"; only use (gray) mammoth tapes in this!!!! 2.7Mbytes/sec.
DAT (4mm) DDS-1 2.0 90m cartridge
DDS-2 4.0 120m cartridge
DDS-3 12.0 125m cartridge
DLT 2000 10.0 Digital Linear Tape. No 2000 or 4000 models yet in NRAO.
4000 20.0 Can emulate this format with 7000 (see below).
7000 35.0 Fastest tape we have (3+ Mbytes/sec); cartridges $80 each!
9-Track 6250 0.14 Lower densities (1600, 800) available.

Other formats

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