Linux 2001

All-in-one version

(Regular [individual slides] version)


Not Just for Geeks Anymore

Ease of Use: KDE and GNOME

[KDE] K Desktop Environment (2.2):

  • Konqueror file-manager/web-browser;
  • Koffice, Kmail, korganizer (calendar);
  • Much reduced memory footprint (compared to KDE 1.x)

[Gnome] GNOME; Red Hat Default:
  • Galeon browser, Nautilus file manager;
  • Gnome Office, Balsa mail tool, gnomecal, gnumeric;
  • The GIMP!

These are Desktop Environments. Window manager is separate, e.g.:

  • sawfish (GNOME default, replaces enlightenment)
  • kwm (KDE default)
  • WindowMaker (My favourite!)
  • FVWM2 (old reliable)

Better Device Support

Journaled File Systems (JFS)

Most/all allow large files >2 Gbytes, greatly reduce file system check time, more robust against crashes.



Pat Murphy