Twisty Little Astronomical Images

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If you really want to see some cool astronomical images, go to NRAO's official Image Gallery. It's a lot better and more current than this ancient archive of early stuff...

Most of these images were obtained from UseNet YEARS ago (remember when that was a fun place?), so you may have seen them before. Many were found on other web or anonymous ftp servers in the very early days of the net and the web (we're talking early 1990's here). Attribution: NRAO/PPM = something I or NRAO created (Copyright (C) 1995-2003 by Patrick P. Murphy and/or AUI/NRAO in either case); HST = Hubble Space Telescope; UA = University of Arizona; JVB = John Victor Brown <jvbrown@indirect-dot-com>; no attribution implies the source is The images are given here freely for individual consumption, not for re-publication or re-sale. Please respect this.

For yet more Astronomical Images, see the Web Nebulae pages for a nicely done interface to lots of images and information about Messier and other Astronomical objects.

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HST 21085 1993eha.png Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 (WF/PC, 7/1/93)
HST 42785 1993ehb.png Comet SL9, nucleus (WF/PC 7/1/93)
HST 979 1993ehb_tiny.png Tiny segment of same (Ed. by NRAO/PPM)
UA 76747 1993esw.png Comet SL9/UofA spacewatch camera (3/30/93)
HST 184331 FOC1068Color.png NGC 1068 active galaxy
HST 227234 FOC1068Comp2.png NGC 1068 active galaxy (comparison, descriptinon)
HST 12606 FOCNovaCyg.png Nova Cygni 1992 (description)
HST 226241 FOCpsfBW.png Point Spread Function for FOC before/after (description)
HST 94288 FOCpsfSurf.png dramatic PSF ruled surface display
HST 120807 PRC9601a.jpg The Hubble Deep Field
UseNet 20981 bigdipper.jpg Ursa Major and a snowcapped mountain
NRAO/PPM 31326 cas-a-apcln.png APCLN image of AIPS on Cassiopaeia A
UseNet 72281 ccd_messier_index.png About 40 of the top messier objects
UseNet 173356 ecl92g.jpg Eclipse (Annular), California, 1992. Sunset.
UseNet 226245 eta_carina.jpg The Eta Carina nebula.
NASA 9551 glsl9w.jpg Galileo probe records SL9/Jupiter impact
UseNet 27501 horsehead.jpg The horsehead nebula in Orion
HST 63953 hst_compare.png Comparison of WF/PC, WFPC2, ground images
UseNet 32355 m11opencluster2.jpg Messier 11, an open star cluster
UseNet 20243 m13globcluster.jpg Messier 13, a globular star cluster
UseNet 79641 m17omeganeb.jpg Messier 17, the omega nebula
UseNet 48254 m18opencluster.jpg Messier 18, an open star cluster
UseNet 15795 m31c_c.jpg Andromeda galaxy (M31) Color
UseNet 77939 m33.png The galaxy, that is. Fairly good.
UseNet 39486 m3globcluster.jpg Messier 3, a globular star cluster
UseNet 72370 m8lagoonneb.jpg Messier 8, the Lagoon Nebula
NRAO 78248 mma.png Conceptual sketch of a Millimeter Array (MMA) Antenna (pre-ALMA)
NRAO/PPM 78321 mma_2.png Annotated version of mma (location; pre-ALMA)
UseNet 109076 mmt.png Sunset @ Multiple Mirror Tel., Mt. Hopkins, AZ
UseNet 31259 ngc6611neb.jpg the NGC 6611 Nebula
NRAO 564026 ngcs.png Glen Langston's Cluster from POSS plate
UseNet 138763 northamerica.png The North America nebula in Cygnus
NASA 566943 olympus.png Excellent pic of Olympus Mons, Mars
UseNet 34595 omegacentauri.jpg Globular Cluster (brightest apparent)
UseNet 179164 pleiades.png NICE shot of the pleiades
UseNet 256246 sky.png NICE wide view of time exposure around polaris
MPIA 26683 sl9_a_wham.png 4 IR shots of fragment "A" impact SL9/Jupiter
MPIA 19135 sl9_calar_alto.png SL9 fragment "Q" impact sites
ANU 12846 sl9_g_bang.png SL9 fragment "G" impact at 2.3 microns
UseNet/NRAO 3965 sn1993j_m81.jpg Supernova in M81 (aips processed)
JVB 23125 vla-mantis.jpg Now THAT's a bug on (yes, on) the system!!!
NRAO 114680 vla.jpg Sunset photo, silhouette of VLA scopes.
PPM 66482 vla2.png My photo of VLA antenna #10 (from 1985?).
NRAO 51121 vla3.png View of one arm of the Very Large Array
NRAO 174922 vla_overview.png Low aerial shot of "D" array (grainy).
NRAO 150120 vla_west.png West arm, again in "D" array. AAB too.
HST 97980 wfpc01.png (see description) Before, after WFPC fix
HST 107144 wfpc02.png (see description) Mosaic of M100
HST 126262 wfpc03.png (see description) Cepheids (maybe) in M100
HST 103193 wfpc04.png (see description) 30 Doradus (LMC) H2 reg.
HST 67416 wfpc05.png (see description) ground, wfpc, wfpc2 (!)
HST 120208 wfpc06.png (see description) Eta Carinae
PPM 55869 whipple.png 10-meter Gamma Ray scope, Whipple Obs., Amado, AZ.

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