Bill Mattocks Spam Tutorial

Back around September/October 1997, Bill Mattocks presented a four-part tutorial in "spam-fighting". As he generously gave permission to publish it elsewhere (yay Bill!), I took the posts, reformatted them a bit, added some colour with HTML, and voila. This was mainly done as an adjunct to a local lunch talk given to NRAO and UVa/Astronomy staff, but it's here for the community at large now. So if you got some unsolicited commercial or bulk e-mail that you don't want, and want to find out how to make your displeasure known to the recipient, read on...

  1. Part 1: (for newbies)
  2. Part 2: (the many uses of DejaNews
  3. Part 3: (the whois tool)
  4. Part 4: (a case study: spammer unmasked)
Just bear in mind that a lot has happened since then (AGIS dumps Cyberpromo, ACSI seems to jump in to take the place of AGIS as a spam NSP, rumours of a "spambone" that seems more vapourware than anything, and so on). The story continues...
Patrick P. Murphy
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