17+06-3b Scan 532


Observing log information

  Object:           17+06-3b
  On scan num:      532 534 536 538
  Off scan num:     533 535 537 539
  R.A.:             2.751177 hrs
  Dec.:             32.327460 deg
  On azimuth:       187.020054 deg
  On zenith dist.:  6.140449 deg
  Off azimuth:      187.604465 deg
  Off zenith dist.: 6.148140 deg
  MJD:              52785
  UTC:              0.660023
  Center freq.:     1418.549219 MHz
  Doppler:          0.00002543
  Num. correlators: 2
  Spectrom. atten.: 0 0 dB
  Bandwidth:        12.5 MHz
  Num. channels:    8192
  Eff. integration: 1200 seconds

Raw spectrum

This spectrum is the integration of all data for the scan with spectra from both polarizations added together. The spectral intensities are Ssys * (on - off) / off, where Ssys is the system temperature in Jy. The system noise flux density equivalent is calibrated for each scan with a calibration noise source firing during each scan. The cal value, in Jy, is calibrated by comparison with a number of continuum sources as described in the summary web page

Figure 1. Unedited spectrum