Useful Linux software

*mdbtools: tools to read Microsoft Access databases
*pyfits: python FITS interface which uses numpy
*scipy: excellent tutorial on using Python in astronomy
*octave: high-level math
*scilab: numerical computation
*latest pgplot and cfitsio from NRAO
*Miriad: radio interferometry
*vpnc: VPN client for Linux
*StuffIt: file expander
*Gildas: astronomical data analysis & plotting
*USB Visor: tools for Hotsyncing a Visor via USB
*FFTW: C subroutine library for computing DFTs
*xcircuit: schematic drawing
*eagle: schematic drawing
*qcad: mechanical drawing
*lx-viewer: DWG viewer
*xephem: sky plotting
*ckermit: terminal emulator
*fv: FITS file editor
*ds9: the latest SAOImage visualizer
*wcstools: world coordinate system utilities
*GLAME: sound editor
*k3b: cd/dvd burner (tip for fc6)
*x11vnc: connect to existing desktop
* Mastering the Unix terminal interface (i.e. all the flags in termios.h)
*openproj: open source project management (reads .mpp files)

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