Stone Hall Addition

As part of planning expanded facilities in Charlottesville to support ALMA, the NRAO worked with the University of Virginia to design a 38,000 square foot addition to Stone Hall, the building that houses the NRAO Headquarters on the grounds of the University. This addition will host the North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC).

The new construction significantly expanded the apace available for conferences and other meetings, as well as doubling the size of the Library and adding office space for the scientific staff, computing, business, human resources and communications infrastructure required by the NRAO's role in ALMA. The Addition project also provided space for an NRAO archive, and renovated and upgraded infrastructure in the existing 40-year-old building to bring the entire facility up to modern fire protection and accessibility standards.

The contract for constructing the Stone Hall Addition was awarded to Martin/Horn Inc. of Charlottesville in March 2003. NRAO Director Fred K. Y. Lo and AUI President Riccardo Giacconi officiated at a formal ground-breaking ceremony on April 16, 2003. Martin/Horn began to set up operations on the site in late May of 2003, and work began in earnest that June (see construction photos) . NRAO and ALMA construction staff began to occupy the Addition in April 2005.

Main Entrance from South-West Main Entrance from South
North Entrance West Wing from Edgemont Road
Library Auditorium
Conference Room 230

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