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This chapter describes an optional addition to Glish which allows for the integration of graphical widgets into Glish control scripts. This makes creation of simple GUIs (graphical user interfaces) which interact with Glish very easy.

Currently, this optional addition to Glish must be selected at compile time, and the Tk and X11 libraries are linked into the Glish interpreter. This results in a much larger executable image for the Glish interpreter. In time, this GUI toolkit will be moved to a client, and this problem will go away. Currently, however, the standard client interface is not sufficiently powerful to allow for the tight integration of the Tk widgets to Glish that Glish/Tk achieves.

If a larger interpreter is out of the question, you might consider looking into the Tk client found in contrib/tkclient in the Glish distribution. This allows for integration of GUIs to Glish, but it requires that the user know TCL/Tk, and in the end, the integration of Glish to the GUI is not nearly as tight or convenient.

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