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Information for ALMA North American Observers

  • "ALMA Science Goals" (off-site webpage)
  • ALMA Brochure (in English) (in Spanish) (pdf, 2.4MB).
  • ASAC: the ALMA Science Advisory Committee
    The ASAC provides scientific advice ALMA Board on the scientific operation of the bilateral ALMA project, as representatives of the wider astronomical community.

  • ANASAC: the ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee
    The ANASAC provides scientific advice to the NRAO Director on the science operations of ALMA and the North American ALMA Science Center, as representatives of the wider North American astronomical community.

  • IPT Leaders & Deputies (IPT=Integrated Product Teams)
    These are the teams leading the development of various ALMA components

  • ALMA Design Reference Science Plan (DSRP, rev 2.1)
    A community-generated prototype suite of high-priority ALMA projects that could be carried out in ~3-4 years of full ALMA operations. The DRSP serves as a quantitative reference for developing the science operations plan, for performing imaging simulations, for software design, and for other applications within the ALMA project.

The following is a partial list of the types of support users can expect from the staff of the North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC)

  • Organize ALMA meetings/workshops
  • Travel to institutions to give talks on ALMA
  • Support community Commissioning & Science Verification efforts
  • One-stop shopping for submitting ALMA proposals (provide current information on ALMA observing modes and capabilities; support community use of Proposal Submission & Scheduling Tool; staff help desk; validate observers scheduling blocks)
  • Post-observation user support (detailed examination of images delivered to or produced by users; re-reduce data for users; verify user-reported defects; staff help-desk; support user visits to NAASC for data reduction).
  • Maintain ALMA websites, proposal guides, data reduction "cookbooks".

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