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Abstract Detail

14 January, 2006 - 9:40 AM

(Sub-)mm and radio observations of the COSMOS field

E. Schinnerer (MPIA), F. Bertoldi, C. Carilli, A. Blain, N. Scoville, K. Menten, H. Voss, V. Smolcic, & D. Lutz

Deep (sub-)mm imaging of the COSMOS deep field are an integral part of this pan-chromatic survey (X-ray - radio). We will present first results from the MAMBO imaging of the inner 20 × 20 arcmin2 at 250 GHz (1.2 mm) to an rms noise level of 1 mJy per 11 arcsec beam. We detect 23 sources at significance between 3.5 and 7σ, about half of which are also detected at 1.4 GHz with the VLA with a flux density > 3σ= 30 μ Jy. The 250 GHz source areal density in the COSMOS field is comparable to that seen in other deep mm fields. In addition, we discuss the multi-frequency properties of the MAMBO sources (HST/ACS morphologies, XMM X-ray and VLA radio flux densities). Also, we will outline the future efforts on (sub-)millimeter sources in the COSMOS field.


Conference Photo by Jim Condon - Click to enlarge