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  • the dense ISM at high redshift
  • obscured galaxy populations
  • photometric and spectroscopic redshift techniques
  • wide-bandwith (sub)millimeter spectrometers
  • bolometric source selection and interferometric followup

  • Scientific Organizing Committee:
    Andrew Baker (Chair) (NRAO/University of Maryland)
    Andrew Blain (Caltech)
    Neal Erickson (University of Massachusetts)
    Xiaohui Fan (University of Arizona)
    Jason Glenn (University of Colorado)
    Eduardo Hardy (NRAO)
    Andy Harris (University of Maryland)
    Gordon Stacey (Cornell)
    Paul Vanden Bout (NRAO)
    Min Yun (University of Massachusetts)

    Local Organizing Committee:
    John Hibbard (Chair) (NRAO)
    Laurie Clark (NRAO)
    Kelsey Johnson (University of Virginia)
    Jeff Mangum (NRAO)
    Andrew Markwick-Kemper (UVa)
    Jennifer Neighbours (NRAO)
    Robert O'Connell (UVa)
    Alwyn Wootten (NRAO)

    Conference Photo by Jim Condon - Click to enlarge