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Abstract Detail

14 January, 2006 - 2:35 PM

ALMA as spectrometer

A. Wootten (NRAO)

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array is a large international telescope project under construction in northern Chile on a site at Chajnantor of 5 km elevation. The excellent atmospheric transmission at that site in the millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength ranges will allow ALMA to provide detailed images of the sources of the the Cosmic Microwave Background and the Cosmic Far-Infrared Background radiation, near the wavelengths of the two strongest peaks in the spectral energy distribution of the Universe (ALMA will cover a broad total spectral wavelength range from 10mm to 0.3 mm or shorter wavelengths), For any given receiver on ALMA within this wide band, 16 GHz of spectral information will be processed. This capability gives ALMA sensitive capability for measuring the redshifts of objects of uncertain distance, as well as for serendipitous study of the physical conditions in galaxies owing to the simultaneous measurement of other spectral line diagnostics.

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Conference Photo by Jim Condon - Click to enlarge