Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks

A series of informal, brown-bag, lunchtime seminars for the discussion of current projects and astronomical news

Where, when and how


Usually, the location is the second floor conference room (room 230), NRAO, Edgemont Road. Click on the talk title to get the actual location and abstract. Directions to NRAO are available on the information for speakers page.


Tuesdays 12:05 - 1:00 PM (unless otherwise noted)


Further information for tuna speakers is available here.

Signing up

If you, or one of your visitors, would like to speak at TUNA, please send a message to

tunalunch at nrao period edu

The calendars below indicate currently open slots.

TUNA talks are traditionally on Tuesdays, but Mondays and Wednesdays can be accomodated if enough advance notice is given (also subject to room availability). Turn-up may be lower on non-Tuesdays, though. TUNA talks are generally not possible on Thursdays and Fridays due to conflicts with the NTC ELF talk, ER colloquium and pizza lunch schedules.

The schedule

Click on talk titles to get the abstract and location.

You can also subscribe to the Google calendar. Right click on the following link and copy and paste the URL to your favorite calendar application: ical

Miscellaneous Info:

TUNA talks are currently organized by Kimberly Emig. The email address to contact us is: tunalunch at nrao period edu. If you would like to consult old pages, they are available here.

Last updated: 17:05 EDT, March 18, 2022.