[NRAO] [TUNA] Past Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks

an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current projects or astronomical news

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Fall 1998
Date Speaker Topic
Wednesday, September 9th V. Radhakrishnan
Raman Research Institute
Sailing Through the Ages:
from Square Sails to Wing Sails
Tuesday, September 15th Greg Taylor
The parsec-scale environment of AGN as probed by Faraday Rotation Measure and HI VLBA observations
Tuesday, September 22nd John Hibbard
Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
Tuesday, October 13th Richard de Grijs
University of Virginia
On the axis ratio of the stellar velocity ellipsoid in disk galaxies
Tuesday, October 27th Katherine Blundell
Oxford University
The Evolution of Radio Sources from Complete Samples
Tuesday, November 3rd Eric Richards
The Star Formation History of the Universe:
The Promise of the Radio Window
Tuesday, November 10th Laura Woodney
University of Maryland
HCN/CN Morphology in Comet Hale-Bopp
Tuesday, November 17th Paul Ricker
University of Virginia
The Origin of the X-ray Cluster Luminosity-Temperature Relationship
Tuesday, November 24th Massimo Stiavelli
An update on the Next Generation Space Telescope and its science
Tuesday, December 1st Juan Uson
Diffuse Light in Clusters of Galaxies
Tuesday, December 8th Mike Siegel/
Chris Palma
University of Virginia
New Photometry and Old Astrometry for the Leo II dSph/
Results from an Orbital Pole Analysis of the Milky Way Satellite System
Tuesday, December 15th Ray Ohl
UVa/John Hopkins
Optical Testing of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) Primary Mirrors and Predicted On-Orbit Performance
Tuesday, December 29th Liz Blanton
Columbia University
FIRST Bent-Double Radio Sources as Tracers of Galaxy Clusters
These talks were organized by John Hibbard, Richard de Grijs, Lynn Matthews, Michele Thornley & Jack Gallimore.