[NRAO] [TUNA] Past Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks

an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current projects or astronomical news

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Fall 1999
Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday, 14 Sep
Chris Powers
N Body Simulations of the Antennae
Tuesday, 21 Sep
Valery Shematovich
Russian Academy of Sciences
Chemistry of Simple Molecules of the CNO Families
Tuesday, 28 Sep
Michele Thornley
Report on the Millenium Morphology Conference (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Tuesday, 5 Oct
Yu Gao
Molecular Gas in the "Interaction Zone:" The Disk-Disk Overlap Region
Tuesday, 12 Oct
Jeff Mangum
NRAO Tucson
Outflow Evolution in Low-Mass Young Stellar Objects
Wednesday, 13 Oct Eric Richards
Arizona State University
Discrete Backgrounds in Radio, Sub-mm, and X-ray: the Inverse-Compton Connection
Tuesday, 19 Oct
J. Chris Howk
Johns Hopkins University
Cold Clouds & Hot Stars in the Thick Disks of Spiral Galaxies
Friday, 22 Oct Salman Hameed
New Mexico State University
Massive Star Formation in Early-type (Sa-Sab) Spiral Galaxies
Tuesday, 16 Nov
Kartik Sheth
University of Maryland
Stars, Bars, and Molecular Gas
Tuesday, 23 Nov
Crystal Brogan
University of Kentucky
OH Zeeman Magnetic Field Detections Toward Galactic SNRs
Tuesday, 30 Nov
Neil Nagar
University of Maryland
Central Engines and Accretion Mechanisms in Low-Luminosity AGN
Monday, 6 Dec Gavril Grueff
CNR, Bologna
SRT: the Sardinia Radio Telescope
Tuesday, 7 Dec
Franz Bauer
University of Virginia
The Active Nuclei Content of the RASS BSC/NVSS Sample
Tuesday, 14 Dec
Ronak Shah
University of Virginia
Star formation and Chemistry in NGC1333 IRAS4
Tuesday, 18 Jan
David McDavid
Limber Observatory
A Connection between V/R and Polarization in Be Stars
Tuesday, 4 Apr
Vassilis Charmandaris
Cornell University
Hot Dust in Interacting Galaxies: from ISO to SIRTF
These talks were organized by Michele Thornley, Lynn Matthews, Jack Gallimore, & Richard de Grijs