[NRAO] [TUNA] Past Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks
an informal brown-bag lunchtime seminar for the discussion of current
projects or astronomical news

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Summer 2000
Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday, June 6
Tim Bastian
Shock Accelerated Electron Events in the Solar Corona
Tuesday, June 13
Chris Power
University of Durham
The Structure of Dark Matter Halos
Tuesday, July 4

Holiday--No talk this week
Thursday, July 27
NOTE: Special day
Randy Dorwart
Princeton University
MINT (Millimeter INTerferometer) for CMB studies
Tuesday, August 8
Summer Students
NRAO Charlottesville
Research Reports
Tuesday, August 15
Jeremiah Murphy
NRAO Charlottesville
Proper Motion of Water Masers
Tuesday, August 29
IAU Attendees
Roundtable Discussion of the IAU General Assembly
These talks were organized by Lynn Matthews