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Phone Meeting 2004-November-05

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Old Business --

      Agenda of 10 September 2004 meeting.    

New Business -- Agenda

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1.  ALMA Project News (Wootten)

  NRAO  Newsletter ALMA Report.  See ALMA Science IPT wiki page.  Science IPT quarterly report.
 ALMA Science Specifications and Requirements (a Board document).  This has been reformatted substantially.
                                             Especially, discussion of ALMA image dynamic range.
  System Design Description to be discussed.  Comment please.
  Communications  Newsletter
  PS job description...
ANASAC wiki created for collaborative discussions.  See below for more information.

2.  ASAC  --  The report is to be delivered to the Board on 3 November.  See wiki page to comment upon the Charges, please.

3.  Discussion topics-- (Yun)

      Survey; AAS Meeting Agenda (Yun)

4.   Any Other Matters Arising

            - See EVLA Memo No. 84 'Solving for antenna based pointing errors' for your interest.
            - Some have asked what the ALMA Band requirements actually are, so from the adopted system technical requirements here is a table:
       ALMA Bands