Carnegie Institution

Science With A Large Millimeter Telescope Array

October 6-8, 1999
Carnegie Institution of Washington
16th and P Streets, NW
Washington, D. C.

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Wednesday Afternoon, 5:30 pm -7:30 pm 6 October, 1999
  • 5:30 pm Display in Committee Room of US Capitol. Food, drink, various mixer blocks, etc., demonstration of remote observing on 12m by (minority?) student, displays of site, array, science. Arranged through Rep. Ehlers' office.

    Thursday Morning, 7 October, 1999
    • 8:00 am Press Conference, The Board Room. During the Press Conference, members of the ECC and a suitable representative of the US will sign the formal MOU. ESO Council members. Posters erected in Reception Room.
    • 9:00 am Keynote Address.
    • The Array in the context of the 21st Century

    Investigation of galaxies from near the time of their formation at very high redshift to the present
    • Protogalactic Dawn

    10:30 am Coffee, Posters
    • First Light
    • Galactic Morning
    • A View of Young Galaxies

    Thursday Afternoon, 7 October, 1999
  • Molecular Emission from Young Galaxies
  • The Central Regions of Active Galaxies
  • Normal Galaxies

    4:00 pm Coffee, Tea, Posters
    • Detection and study of planets and disks around nearby stars
      • Disks around Young Stars
      • Molecular Disks
      • The Formation of Planets

      Thursday Evening, 7 October, 1999
      • Banquet. Speaker:

        Friday Morning, 8 October, 1999
      • Primitive Solar System Objects
      • Planetary Signatures
      • Near-Stellar Gas and Dust
        Study of star formation
        • Astrochemical evolution of star-forming regions
        • High Mass Star Formation

        10:30 am Coffee, Posters
        • Star Formation at High Resolution
        • Clusters Forming Low Mass Stars
        • Young Stars
        • Jets and Flows from Young Stars
        • Magnetic Fields

        Friday Afternoon, 8 October, 1999
            Study of the origin, distribution and evolution of the elements and their isotopes
            • Dispersal, winds, shocks, dust destruction
            • Stellar Mass Loss

            4:00 pm Coffee, Tea, Posters
            • Formation of Dust
            • Molecules
            • From Dust to Biomolecules
            • Conference Summary

            The preliminary conference program contains a complete list of the talks to be given at Carnegie. Abstracts for most contributions can be found in the abstract book.

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