National Radio Astronomy Observatory
520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Contact: / +1-434-296-0391

I am an astronomer specialized in extra-galactic radio interferometry. I am working at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) with the team that develops and supports the CASA data processing software for the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) and the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA).

Research Interests:
  • Light up the Darkness -- mapping the cold circum-galactic medium in the Early Universe
  • ALMA's view of the distant Universe -- formation of massive galaxies and proto-clusters
  • How Black Holes shape the Universe -- feedback and outflows from Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Origin and evolution of Radio Galaxies -- host galaxies of nearby and high-z radio sources
  • Core Science of a Next-Generation VLA -- low-surface-brightness millimeter interferometry

  • SUPERCOLD-CGM: high-z survey for molecular gas in Ly-alpha Nebulae
    This survey targets widespread molecular gas -the raw ingredient for star formation- across Enormous Ly-alpha Nebulae in galaxy proto-clusters at redshift 2-4. Goal is to study the directly link between the circum-galactic medium and the stellar growth of these massive nebulae. The SUPERCOLD-CGM survey was awarded >200h of observing time at ALMA/ACA and VLA in 2019.

    CASA User Liaison
    CASA, the Common Astronomy Software Applications package, is the primary data processing software for ALMA and the VLA, and is frequently used also for other radio telescopes. As CASA User Liaison and stakeholder representative for general users, I am the intermediate between the CASA development team and the astronomical community. If you have feedback to the CASA team, please contact us:

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