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ALMA Project Books:

These Project Books are now all obsolete. Please see the official ALMA web pages at http://www.alma.nrao.edu/ .

ALMA Construction Project Book is here.
The original version of the ALMA Test Interferometer Project Book is available here.

MMA Project Book

  • The last ever update of the MMA Project Book (May 1999 version) is available. This is also available from the official ALMA web pages. The MMA Project Book is to be replaced by the ALMA Construction Project Book, together with the ALMA Test Interferometer Project Book.

    Holography at the OSF (2005 discussion group)

    List of minutes and index to documents

    MMA Holography

  • Documents for the October 10 2000 Holography CDR
      ** Report of the Holography CDR

  • Minutes of the 2000-07-25 teleconference
  • Notes for the April 1999 PDR
  • MMA Project Book, Chapter 11
  • Report and Recommendations of the review panel (April 1999).

  • Material for the ALMA North American Technical Advisory Committee (ANATAC) , including minutes of meetings, is available with some restrictions. Please contact Darrel for access to this.  

    Material for NRAO's OTC committee

    Draft memo analysing the anticipated RFI level at ALMA antennas, caused by radiation from the ALMA correlator at the AOS Technical Building. RFI radiated from the AOS TB, and a comparison with the limits specified in ITU-R RA.769

    Notes on "Should we equalize lengths of fiber carrying the reference LO to each ALMA antenna?"

    ALMA Memo No. 504, The CloudSat Radar and Implications for ALMA     outlines the likely impact of the satellite cloud radar expected to be launched in April 2005.

    12 Meter Telescope Frequency Usage

  • Relative occupancy of frequencies observed with the NRAO 12 M Telescope

    Other links

  • Imaging Simulation with Single Dish Pointing Correction Algorithm (MMA Memo #62)
  • NRAO Tucson, and the 12 Meter Telescope at Kitt Peak
  • Introduction to Astronomy at Millimeter Wavelengths, by Mark A. Gordon
  • The Moon at mm-waves , images
  • The Sun at mm-waves , images
  • The Radio Sky including a 408-MHz all-sky false color image, contour plots, and graphs of background and solar emission vs frequency.
  • The Work of Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose: 100 Years of Millimeter-wave Research. (With color photographs of original apparatus.) A century ago, research was being conducted at wavelengths as small as 5 mm (60 GHz), and was published in the scientific journals of the day. Many of today's common-place microwave components were invented and used in the last decade of the 19th century.
  • J.C. Bose: Millimetre Wave Research in the Nineteenth Century (Presented to the Tencon IEEE meeting in Delhi, December 1998)
  • The Stage is Set: Developments before 1900 Leading to Practical Wireless Communication   Presented to the GLOBECOM-2001 meeting of the IEEE Communication Society in San Antonio, Tx, November 2001.
  • Receiving the Mars Global Surveyor Relay using Phase Referencing for High Frequency Resolution
  • The Gain of the Axial-Mode Helix A numerical modelling study of 10,000 different helical antennas
  • Elliptical Polarization in the Ionosphere Sample calculations on to what degree a VHF or UHF signal passing through the ionosphere can change from linear to elliptical polarization.
  • The Twelfth-wave Transformer A convenient way of transforming impedances using cable sections
    See also: Series Section Transmission Line Transformers by Albert E. Weller, Jr.
    and also: The Parallel Line transformer with BASIC program by Albert E. Weller, Jr.
  • Articles: Summaries of some related popular articles, including topics in radio astronomy and antenna design
  • Street maps to help find NRAO Tucson.
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