The Radio Sky

by Darrel Emerson.
Appeared in QST, published by ARRL: 
Part 1, Vol 80, No.6, June 1996, p.32-35.
Part 2, Vol 80, No.7, July 1996, p.28-31.

(Copyright on the original article is held by the ARRL)

The radio emission at 408 MHz from  the entire sky

The false-colour image shows the entire sky, measured by Haslam et al. at 408 MHz. The data are shown in an RA-dec coordinate frame. The angular resolution of the image is 0.85 degrees. Very strong emission occurs in the galactic plane, but there is measurable emission over the entire sky. Some discrete sources are visible in this picture as bright dots; in particular, the strong sources Cas A and Cygnus A are visible near the top of the image, right of centre. This image was derived from data obtained from the SKYVIEW web site.

Radio Sky, p 2: 432 MHz brightness contours with 10-degree & 40-degree beams
Radio Sky, p.3: Max & Min sky temperatures. Solar emission.
Radio Sky, p.4: 432 MHz observations with an 8-element Yagi (false color)

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