The Radio Sky summary, p.2/4: The sky with 10-degree and 40-degree beams

This article summarizes how the radio sky background will appear using antennas of different beam sizes, and how it varies with frequency. If you want to know the sky background temperature in a given direction, you have to specify the beam size. The 2 figures below illustrate how the sky looks in RA-dec coordinates with a 10-degree beam, and a 40-degree beam. The contour levels are the same in both figures, with intensities of 40 K or more shown dashed.

The sky at 432 MHz, seen with a 10-degree beam

The sky at 432 MHz, seen with a 40-degree beam

Radio Sky, p.1: All-sky 408-MHz false-color image
Radio Sky, p.3: Max & Min sky temperatures. Solar emission.
Radio Sky, p.4: 432 MHz observations with an 8-element Yagi (false color)

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