The Neutral Hydrogen Distribution in Luminous IR Galaxies

John Hibbard, Institute for Astronomy

Min Yun, California Institute of Technology

Conference proceedings for the meeting Cold Gas at High Redshift, held in Hoogeveen, NL, Aug 28-30 1995.

We present HI and optical overlays of the nearby (D<150Mpc) IR luminous (log(Lir/Lo) > 11.5) galaxies Arp 299, Arp 220, Mkn 273, VV 114, IC 883, NGC 1614, and NGC 2623. We find that while the LIR galaxies have quite different optical morphologies from the well known systems in the Toomre Sequence, their HI tidal morphologies are quite similar. The main difference appears to be that IR luminosity selects for a broader range of encounter geometries than are represented in the Toomre Sequence.

This link provides the text in .dvi format, text and greyscale figures in .ps.Z format, and color .gif images of the individual systems, as well as two supplementary figures in .ps format. (The figures are VLA C+D array HI moment0 on optical images taken from the DSS. See homepage for each individual galaxy for better images, particularly deeper optical images. The image at the top shows the deeper optical data: 600sec R-band images taken with the UH 88" telescope).

NOTE: To download .ps.gz or .tar files, click on the link using the mouse button on the right, drag down to "Save link as...", and give it a name. This will save it as a file on your disk. gunzip or tar -xf, and go to town.


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