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IC883 NGC2623 VV114 Arp220 NGC1614 Arp299 Arp299 Mrk273 Arp295 Arp295 NGC4038/9 NGC7252 NGC7252 NGC520 NGC4676 NGC3921 NGC3256 Who Else is Here?
Background Figure Caption: A mosaic of VLA HI observations for a range of merging galaxies. To the left are 7 nearby systems with log(Lir)>11.5 (Hibbard & Yun 1996). To the right are 7 systems from the Toomre Sequence (Hibbard & van Gorkom 1996; English 1995 and English et al. in preparation; Hibbard et al. 2001; see also here). HI in white contours on optical image in false spectral colors. All reproduced on approximately the same linear scale, assuming Ho=75 km/s/Mpc. Click on galaxies for more observational details. Here are the HI moment 0 and HI moment 1 mosaics of the above.

This page contains and index for each of the galaxies appearing on this URL that have worked on to some degree. See also the An HI Rogues Gallery for HI maps of 181 peculiar systems. See also Tail Imaging Survey for list of over 100 UGC galaixes for which I also have optical and/or NIR observations, and Colors of Tidal Tails for some pretty pics.

The data presented herein is for the edification of all those interested in weird galaxies. I would be more than happy to collaborate on studies of any of these galaxies. However please do not reproduce any of these figures in published form without my prior written consent. Images may be used without written consent for short-term public presentations (e.g., classes, talks), but the telescopes used should be indicated. Thanks - john

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