Pat Murphy's Public Talks

These talks are freely accessible (albeit somewhat ancient by now; caveat lector!). NRAO Staff members may want to look at my Staff Talks list (authentication required).

This list is sorted alphabetically, and has (approximate) dates of the original presentation.

[talk] ADASS 2000 2000.11.29  Trip report on ADASS 2000 meeting in Boston.
[talk] ADASS 2002 2002.10.23  Trip report on ADASS 2002 meeting in Baltimore.
[talk] Basic File, Directory Navigation 2004.01.21  How do I tell someone where my stuff is?
[talk] CD Burning 2002.11.20  CD Burning "how-to" (Linux, xcdroast)... with screen shots.
[talk] CUPS 1999.11.01  The Common Unix Printing System: better, reliable, more options [Tracy Effland]
[talk] Crossover Office 2003.06.18  Run Native Windows Apps on Linux without VMWare or Dual-Booting
[talk] C'Ville Computing 2001.05.23  An introduction to our Computing Environment (Summer 2001)
[talk] Directories 2000.05.03  What they are, what LDAP is, what we should do...
[talk] Doc Interchange 2003.08.20  Document Interchange in a Heterogeneous Environment: is it a lost cause?
[talk] E-mail Netiquette 1999.09.15  Important limits on the use of e-mail, and alternatives.
[PDF] Firefox Revisited 2010.02.24  Add-ons, Plugins, Themes: Make your Web Browser perform like a superstar (and keep you safer online)
[talk] Firefox & Thunderbird 2005.01.19  How this Web Browser and E-mail program can give you back the web and your Inbox
[talk] GNOME 2002.09.18  The GNOME Desktop Environment
[dir] Historical (obsolete!) 1996-1999  Various talks that are getting long in the tooth.
[talk] HTML Basics 2001.02.28  ...and the NRAO Style. Intro and/or refresher course.
[talk] Images in Web Pages 2005.02.16  Putting Images in Web Pages - how to do it right with GIMP and Paint Shop Pro
[talk] Life After Telnet 2002.05.22  Is there Life After TELNET? You bet!
[talk] Linux 2001 2001.09.26  It's come a long way. Red Hat 7.1/7.2, devices, jfs, and apps, oh my.
[talk] Linux for Astronomy 1999.02.17  Lots of interesting Applications on one (or two) CD's (and our server).
[talk] MIME 1998.09.16  Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
[talk] Mercury Transit 2006 2006.10.24
  Talk given to the Blue Ridge Astronomy Club and then as a TUNA.
[talk] Poor Man's VPN 2003.04.16  How to get internal web access without a VPN client
[talk] Power Graphics 2001.05.23  ... on Linux: the GIMP and XFig (a brief introduction)
[talk] Procmail Revisited 2003.12.17  A refresher course in mail filtering, using SpamAssassin and Sophos Antivirus.
[DIR] SAMeeting 2000.08.00  My talks at the August 2000 SysAdmin Meeting in Socorro (several talks)
[talk] TAPE BACKUPS 1998.11.13  All you ever wanted to know about tape backups...
[talk] Tape Drives 2000.05.03  What the Future Holds.
[talk] Emacs/VM 2001.10.17  Using Emacs/VM as a Mail Client
[talk] Virtual Consoles 1998.12.10  Amaze your colleagues with multiple consoles and X servers
[talk] Wireless Networking 2002.04.17  It's coming whether we like it or not, and it has issues.

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