ADASS 2000

Linux BOF (Birds Of a Feather) Session

  • Real Time and Embedded Linux
  • Types of Real Time: Hard, Soft, and Marketing (!)
  • "VxWorks is dangerously unreliable"! (cf. Mars Polar Lander)
  • In RT Linux (RTL), Linux is one of many threads in hard real-time Kernel; supports LabView, GNU debugger (gdb/ddd)
  • RTAI (competitor) seems not as far ahead (IMO)
  • Embedded Linux: can fit in 8 Megs or less of NVRAM
  • Other Miscellany:
    • WINE: latest can run M$ Office 2000.
    • Plex86, an Open Source VMWare clone.
    • Starlink Standard Linux: Install minimum, add as needed.
    • GNOME seems likely de facto standard Unix Desktop
    • Beowulf: "Don't do it on the cheap! We did..." (Peter Teuben)

ADASS 2000 - 2000.11.29
Pat Murphy