How to burn a CD


  • Main screen of xcdroast:

  • Choose setup to configure disk staging area (even if you master/burn in one step)

  • Otherwise, just press "Create CD" to get next screen:

  • Choose Master Tracks; other options not really relevant here.

  • Use File/Directory View on right to choose what you want to record.

  • Press Add to add a file or directory; get this next popup:

  • Select whichever option you want. Top is simplest.

  • Then press OK to get:
  • Note the green arrow in the left list box: one item.

  • Repeat this process to add what you want.

  • Press Create Session/Image tab to see next screen:

  • Note: Size is "unknown". Press Calculate Size; popup shows progress:

  • Finally, choose Master and write on-the-fly:

  • Wait for recording, fixating, and ejection.


How to burn a CD
Pat Murphy