Using Emacs/VM as a Mail Client

Basic Operations

  • Press ? for help (twice if needed)

  • Can use menu bar for most everything, or keyboard shortcuts:
    • [g]et new mail (for Inbox, or other spool folders)
    • [r]eply to message; [R] includes original (cited)
    • [f]ollowup (reply all); [F] includes original (cited)
    • [z] to forward w/headers; [B]ounce too.
    • [d]elete (gosh!); [#] to expunge
    • [s]ave message in other folder (create/ask if new)
    • [S]ave entire current folder
    • [v]isit another folder
    • [m]ail (start new message); also [e]dit current message
    • [q]uit this folder (or VM entirely if it's the last one)

  • Motion:
    • [p]revious message
    • [n]ext message
    • Arrow keys, then <space> to select.
    • <space> to page through long message; [b]ack up too.

Using Emacs/VM as a Mail Client
Pat Murphy