Linux for Astronomy


Packages not yet installed

Warning: the information here is subject to change (i.e., package may have been subsequently installed).

XFITSview1.2     Bill Cotton's FITS viewer
aips     AIPS 15APR98
bima     BIMA Software (source)
cloudy     Interstellar cloud modeller
gipsy     Gröningen Image Processing SYstem
iraf-addons     Assorted add-ons for IRAF
linux_complete_ftools_41     fits tools
midas     MIDAS general purpose package
miriad     MIRIAD radio astronomy processing
nemo     Stellar dynamics
pdl     Data processing language
pgperl     PGPLOT Graphics from inside Perl
pgplot     Graphics Library (already in /usr/lib)
ptcl     Tcl interface to PGPLOT
saord     ASSIST gui's and image display
skycal     Ephemeris
skycat-runtime     Image display and processing
sources     Assorted source archives
starbase     Astronomical database tools
tipsy     General purpose package
tipsytools     add ons for TIPSY
vnc     Unix/Win desktop networking
wais     Wide area inforamtion system
xephem-linux     Ephemeris and much more
xite     Image display and processing
yorick     General purpose language

Pat Murphy