Virtual Consoles and Linux

Multiple X Servers

Why do I need more than one X Server?

Maybe you don't. Some possible reasons:

How to Start a Second X Server

This can be tricky. Generally this works:

  1. Log in as usual at the xdm screen (NRAO or RedHat Logo).

  2. Switch to another virtual console, e.g., <CTRL-ALT-F2>.

  3. Log in at the text screen (need not be same account as in step 1).

  4. Type one of the following. All will start a second X server and session on virtual console 8:

    • startx -- :1                     (identical server)
    • startx -- :1 -bpp 24           (24-bit server)
    • startx -- :1 -bpp 8           (8-bit server)

  • FVWM Problem: If using fvwm and m4, a bug in the m4 processing causes both instances of the window manager to want to use /tmp/fvwmrcXXXXX (literally). Fixed in fvwm2.
    Pat Murphy