MMA Imaging and Calibration Group

Minutes for meeting Tuesday, 30 Apr 2002 at 4:00pm EDT.

Date: 30 Apr 2002

Time: 4:00 pm EDT pm EDT (2:00 pm Socorro, 1:00 pm Tucson)

Phone: (434)296-7082 (CV SoundStation Premier Conference phone 2nd floor).


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News. -Wootten

News from my point of view.

Meetings Last Week-Wootten

 ACC Meeting redux.
 ALMA Week
  Reports on the ALMA week: Granada April 22/26
  Front end Al++
  Calibration Jeff
  Photonics Al
  Configuration + Site Simon, Angel
  Software ( SSR, AIPS++/PdB) Brian, Steve
  Backend ??

Other Items-Wootten

  The Astrobiology Meeting is next week in Baltimore. Jeff presented the poster. The AAS is meeting in Albuquerque in June. Some plans for the new ALMA backdrop are at stuff.
  Issues: Calibration Meeting During ALMA Week
 Other Lucas' list of simulation requirements to be discussed in Granada

Project Book Status -- Wootten

Holdway has produced a draft Chapter 13 for comment.
Baars report of Mar 2002 on status:  Revisions have been received for Chapters 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 12 and v5.5 has been issued in a limited edition.
 It is not planned to print this version. Rather, it should be considered an intermediate version towards a more complete Version 6 which we hope to issue during the summer. You are cordially invited to read the PB and in particular to scrutinise those sections which interface to the part of your own responsibility.
  Please report any error you discover to Jaap, so we can make corrections.
  In particular, an old version of receiver work at OSO somehow made its way into the previously reported version; this has now been fixed.
  Version 6 will in particular contain updated versions of the Backend Chapter, based on the PDR during the ALMA Week, and of the Configuration and Calibration chapters.
        4  Antennas (Napier & Andersen)                 2001-02-06
        5  Front Ends (Wild, Payne et al.)              2001-08-01
           Receiver Optics (Carter & Lamb)              2000-11-28
        7  Local Oscillators (D'Addario)                2001-02-05
        9  (Sramek, Baudry, Brundage & Jackson)         2001-01-30
      10 Correlator (Webber, Escoffier, Broadwell,    2001-02-07
           Greenberg & Baudry)
      12 Computing (Glendenning, Raffi and others)    2001-01-29
           (also available as HTML )

S. Oliver is working on uniformity.  Version 5.5 containing these chapters will be issued 28 Feb 2002.  Version 6, with all updates, will
be out by midyear.  Backend will await PDR during ALMA Week for update.  Baars will redo Chapter 2.

         3  Calibration
           1. General Calibration Issues (Holdaway &
           Wootten)                                                                                 2001-02-06
1. General Calibration Issues (Guilloteau, Holdaway & Wootten) (alternative as HTML ) 2001-02-06

This chapter will be revised in the light of the June PDR last year. Mark has proposed a plan of action.

           2. Calibration Hardware (Payne, Vaccari et
           al.)                                                                                          2001-02-02

2. Calibration Hardware (Payne, Vaccari et al.) (alternative HTML ) 2001-02-02

This needs input from IRAM on the semi-transparent vane, in my opinion. It should have something about the optical pointing telescopes also. It should also include WLM material from Cambridge, IMHO. However, I think it is inevitable that some items mentioned in 3.1 won't be addressed yet in 3.2--FTS for instance.

        13 Data Analysis: Imaging Requirements          2000-04-24
           (Holdaway & Wootten)
Mark has proposed changes to this chapter.

        14 Site Characterization (PDF)                           2001-08-01
                                            (Radford has revised this .)
        15   Array Configuration (Min Yun)
                                                Conway will be rewriting this.

Upcoming Meetings - Wootten

May 2 ASAC agenda.

MAY 6-9 Astrophysics of Life Space Telescope Science Institute Wootten attending

May 24 ESO Committee of Council

June 2 - 6 AAS Meeting Albuquerque

JUN 18-21 Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets at Carnegie Institution See ALMA abstract.

JUN 24 AMAC Meeting Munich

AUG 17/24 URSI General Assembly, Maastricht, the Netherlands Butler attending

AUG 22/28 SPIE Symposium on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, Waikoloa, Hawaii. Brown, Wootten attending

SEP 9-13 Winds, Bubbles and Explosions



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