Common Name: GB6 J1037+5711 MOJAVE 15 GHz   | [Polariz. movie] VLBA 1.4 GHz:
B1950 Name: 1034+574 2 cm VLBA Image map
J2000 Name: J1037+5711
R.A. and Dec. (J2000): 10h37m44.308s
AGN Class: ISP BL Lac
Redshift: Unknown
Luminosity Distance: Unknown
Radio Spectrum: Flat
Gamma-ray Association LAT: Y, EGRET: N, TeV: N
Kpc-scale morphology: Core
Jet Speed: Maximum: Unknown ;
Median: Unknown ;
Separation Versus Time Plot: Not available   
Stacked 15 GHz Stokes I VLBA images:
Natural weight:   Not Available
Circular Beam:   Not Available
Tapered Beam:   Not Available

Stacked 15 GHz Polarization VLBA images:

Rotation Measure 8-15 GHz Map: | Not available |

Spectral Index 8-15 GHz Map: | Not available |

VLBA 23 GHz:
Kpc-scale: Healey et al. 2007, ApJS 171, 61
23 GHz Image
Kpc Image

Fermi LAT and 15 GHz VLBA Light Curves

Fermi LAT and 15 GHz VLBA Light Curves
VLBA 43 GHz:
Multiepoch Radio Spectrum:
43 GHz Image
Radio Spectrum
Comments: LAT_1FM, weak VLB; opt class from V&VC 2000

If you use these data in a publication, we ask that you please contact us so we can add a link to the list of external MOJAVE publications, and ask that you cite Lister et al., 2018, ApJS, 234, 12 and include the following acknowledgment: "This research has made use of data from the MOJAVE database that is maintained by the MOJAVE team (Lister et al. 2018)"

Important Note: The MOJAVE team, working with the OVRO 40m AGN monitoring team checks and adjusts the flux density scaling of the MOJAVE VLBA data for possible systematics based on near-simultaneous OVRO 40m measurements at 15 GHz. Asterisked entries below denote epochs that have not yet been checked and corrected.
P (%)
EVPA (deg.)
I Image (Nat. Weight) Visibility
Stokes I Radplot Polarization
2011-06-24 BL149DL 112 4.8 4.2 137 FITS   PNG   PDF UVF PNG   PDF p:PNG  p:PDF   f:PNG  f:PDF PNG
2010-03-10 BL149CI 113 0.7 0.7 108 FITS   PNG   PDF UVF PNG   PDF p:PNG  p:PDF   f:PNG  f:PDF PNG
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