April 5, 2016

New spectral line surveys at 3 mm toward DR21(OH) and W51e1/e2 with the Onsala telescope have been added to the database and are accessible through SLiSE, courtesy of Dr. Sergei Kalenskii and the late Dr. L.E.B. Johansson.

September 8, 2014

A long time in the works, the new PRIMOS website is now available! We are pleased to release this new version, the content of which reflects the expanded mission of PRIMOS to deliver publicly-available survey data toward a variety of sources with a variety of facilities.

Reduced data are most readily accessed through the Spectral Line Search Engine (SLiSE), which contains the most up-to-date reductions of the data available. Access to the full, but perhaps not optimally-reduced, PRIMOS dataset toward Sgr B2(N) is available as well. Please contact Anthony Remijan directly to arrange a convenient method of data transfer.

Additionally, for those wishing to re-reduce the data toward Sgr B2(N) themselves, GBT Archive project code are provided. To access PRIMOS data which has not passed the standard GBT proprietary period, please contact Anthony Remijan to discuss arranging access.