Data Use Policies

Data made available through the PRIMOS project and the SLiSE interface are available for use by the scientific community with "no strings attached." We request, but do not require, that those using the data kindly consider the following:

  • Notifications of use (or intent to use) PRIMOS data by contacting Anthony Remijan are greatly appreciated.

  • Suggested citations and/or attributions for the data reduction strategy and original publication of each observational set are given in their respective data summary pages. We would greatly appreciate the citation of these works and/or individuals in publications and presentations.

  • When PRIMOS data are used in publications, we would appreciate a footnote in the observational section to the effect of: "Access to the entire PRIMOS data set, specifics on the observing strategy, and overall frequency coverage information is available at∼aremijan/PRIMOS/."

  • When data from SLiSE are using in publications, we would appreciate a footnote in the observation section to the effect of: "These observational data are accessible at∼aremijan/SLiSE."

  • The PRIMOS team of PIs and Co-Is includes staff, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students in astronomy, astrochemistry, and experimental chemistry who are always interested in pursuing potential collaborations using PRIMOS data. If you are interested in working with a PRIMOS team member, please contact Anthony Remijan.