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It is now recognized that Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) are the major cause for geomagnetic storms and their attendant, oftentimes undesirable, effects on Earth. CME events are often preceded by burst activity; as such, close monitoring of burst events would act as an early, convenient warning system for geomagnetic storms. To the present date, the effort to collect, and moreover provide, such data has been miniscule in Western longitudes. There are a few notable exceptions, such as the US Air Force's Radio Solar Telescope Network (MA, NM, and HI), the Goddard Decametric Radio Telescope (MD), and the Solar Radio Burst Locator (CA). Such efforts, however, are more for cataloguing purposes than to provide an impetus for further analysis by the greater research community. Thus, the major contribution of the Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Monitor is the fact that it will be the first instrument in Western longitudes to make research-quality broadband (10 - 3000 MHz) dynamic spectra of the Sun available for analysis by the Solar and space weather communities.
Active Sun; credit SOHO
Credit: SOHO

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