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In addition to acting as an early warning for geomagnetic storms, GBSRBS aims to further shed light on a variety of phenomena arising from magnetic activity near the base of the Solar corona such as the catastrophic release of energy that accompanies rapid magnetic reconnection there, the flares resulting from beams of electrons accelerated along the broken field lines, and the burst activity caused by the magnetohydrodynamic shock waves accompanying the flares. The precursors of CME and surface filament-formations may also be studied. The close connection between emission frequency and positioning of energy release afforded by the fact that such events take place in a plasma allows GBSRBS to contribute to our knowledge of the structure of the corona and its behavior under the extreme conditions that arise during flare activity.
Above all, GBSRBS will aid in answering the questions of exactly where and how energy is released in coronal burst events. It is hoped that, due to the abundance and easy accessibility of such high-quality broadband spectra, coupled with the increased opportunity for data-pooling with other Solar observatories (WIND, ACE, RHESSI, SOHO, TRACE, Ulysses), researchers from around the world will be able to take advantage of a more fully integrated view of the processes that occur in the fascinating environment of our planet's star.

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