Draft face-to-face agenda Feb 21, 2005

Logo   ASAC Meeting, 2005-February-24-25, ESO

Garching, Germany


The Committee 
CHARGE from the ALMA Board
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24 February 2005

9:00 am 1. Organization and IPT liaisons (Closed session) (Turner, Testi)

9:15 am 2. Project status report (Tarenghi or other member of management IPT)

Reading Materials:
ALMA Project Plan V2.0new
ALMA Bilateral Agreement

JAO Positions Project Scientist Advertisementnew

10:00 am Discussion

10:30 am Break

10:45 pm 3. Report from Japan (Kawabe)

            - ALMA Progress in Japan

            - ACA 
Reading materials:
  ACA Project Book

11:15 pm Discussion

<>11:30 am 4. Rebaselining options and Antenna Status (Beasley)
              Bilateral partners procurement
              Japanese procurement

Reading materials: Expected soon...

12:30 pm Lunch

13:30 pm Video connection to Mardones in Chile and Holdaway in Tucson.  Others?

           1.  Charge 1 
Examine the status of ALMA re-baselining, including rescope options 
identified to date, and comment on the impacts that the proposed changes will
have on ALMA’s scientific capability. The ASAC is invited to comment on the
scientific capability of a smaller number of antennas operating simultaneously,
specifically 40 or 50. ( TBD)

Reading materials  Holdaway Memo of September 2004.
  Second Draft, Feb 2005 Memo from Mark.new
 Extract from ALMA Science Requirements justifying ALMA's plan for 64 antennas.
ALMA Science by receiver band graph of sensitivity
I have collected comments from ASAC and ANASAC members and placed them in the discussion wiki; link above.

14:30 pm Discussion

15:00 pm Break

15:30 pm Disussion continues

17:00 pm ALMA Board Telecon (participants in this telecon leave)

18:00 pm Break for Dinner

25 February 2005

<> 9:00 am  2. Charge 2
ASAC is invited to continue its considerations of this September, 2004 
charge, which may be combined with the continued development of ideas for
implementing demonstration science elaborated at the same meeting:

Following thorough assessment of the pros and cons of policies in use at
existing ground- and space-based facilities, including those currently operated
by the ALMA Executives, ASAC is invited to consider policy recommendations on:

a. how to facilitate joint projects between scientists of different

b. how to handle large proposals with significant scientific duplication,

c. whether provision needs to be made at this time for legacy projects
and, if so, what mechanisms should be used for such projects.
These complex, often-contentious issues should be addressed in the spirit of
demonstrating how ASAC believes their recommendations, if adopted, would
maximize ALMA’s scientific impact. (TBD)

 Reading materials


10:30 am 4. Outreach (Project Scientists )

        - ALMA/NA Town Meeting at AAS; ANASAC (Carilli)

        - ESAC Meeting Report (van Dishoeck)

        - EU ARC (Wilson) 

        - NA ARC (Wootten)

        - JP ARC (Kawabe)
        - ALMA science meeting (2006) Notes from Carilli  Notes from Cernicharo (Carilli)   new

        - Discussion of ARCs (vanden Bout, Wilson, Wootten, Kawabe)
 Reading Materials:
   Material from Feb'05 EU meeting
   Material from AAS NA meeting

 10:45 am Discussion

11:00 am Break

11:15 am  Science IPT Review (Wootten, Wilson, Kawabe)
Reading materials:

11:30 am  AIVC Report (Laing, Murowinski, Silva)

12:00 pm Discussion all items

13:00 pm Lunch

14:00 pm   Drafting of report (Closed Session)

14:30 pm Discussion

15:15pm   Presentation of Findings (All)


15:45 pm Adjourn