Draft face-to-face agenda March 28, 2003

ASAC Meeting, 2-3 April 2003 at IRAM, Grenoble, France


The Committee (HAW's Understanding)
FINAL CHARGE from the ALMA BoardNew

2 April 2003

9:00 am 1. Terms of reference and IPT liaisons (Closed session) (Wilson, Richer)

9:30 am 2. Project status report (Kurz, Guilloteau)

Reading Materials:
ALMA Project Plan v1.0
ALMA Bilateral Agreement

most recent quarterly report  (No. 2)
even more recent quarterly report (No. 3 dated 2003-Mar-31)New

10:30 am Discussion


11:00 am Break

11:15 pm 3. Report from Japan (Hasegawa)

            - ACA design and configuration

            - second generation correlator

11:45 pm Discussion

12:00 pm 4. Outreach (Shaver, Wootten, Carilli)

        - IAUXXV GA this year

        - ALMA science meeting (2004?)

        - RSCs; Survey from November ESO Meeting

        - NASAG

12:30 pm Lunch

13:30 pm Science IPT Review (van Dishoeck)

13:45 pm 5. Calibration plan (Butler)

            - review of calibration plan

            - presentation on planet models

            - ATM presentation

            - absolute calibration suggestion from Welch, modification proposed by Guilloteau

Reading Materials:
Bryan's Calibration Group Web HQ
Update on dual load device testing
Update on semi-transparent vane testing plan    
Click here for a short writeup of the initial test. new
Jack Welch's new amplitude calibration proposal (with Gibson) and a    modification of it proposed by
Stephane Guilloteau.
 Science Examples  
(Note on Calibration Devices, from Guilloteau)new

Bryan Butler's Leiden Presentation.

14:30 pm Discussion

15:00 pm Break

15:15 pm 6. Impacts of Inhomogeneous Array (Guilloteau)

Reading Materials:
Al's Summary
ANATAC Report     New

16:00 am Discussion


16:30 pm 7. Front End (Tan)

            - revisit issue of TP stability spec (Guilloteau)

            - other specifications: are TBDs filled in properly; any changes

                        requested for existing specs

Reading Materials:
These have been requested.
The Total Power Stability specification arose from the March 2000 ASAC Report, with details inAppendix D of that Report which is also available as a postscript standalone document. Also relevant is ALMA Memo 289.1 (rev) by Melvyn Wright.
 One result of the Feb 2001 Front End PDR was the ALMA Front End Specifications of 4 May 2001.
A new version of the FE Specifications is expected by late Friday 28 March.New

17:30 pm Discussion

18:00 pm Break for Dinner

3 April 2003

 9:00 am 8. Y++ Configuration (Wootten)

Reading Materials:
Short report from Mark Holdaway.New

 9:30 am Discussion

 10:00 am 9. Correlators (Wootten; Baudry)

            - upgrade to baseline correlator (Wootten; 15 mins)
Reading Materials: Please review memo 441 by Escoffier and Webber.  Webber presented a table of Modes for the new correlator upgrade which is under investigation.  There is also a chart from Webber comparing correlator capabilities.

            - second generation correlator system requirements and specifications (Baudry; 15 mins)

            - AMAC presentation on correlatorsNew

10:30 am Discussion

11:00 am Break

11:15 am 10. Report from software PDR March 18-20, 2003 (G. Raffi)

Reading Materials:
The Agenda is available. A summary from the PDR committee is available.New
Raffi's presentation is available also.New

11:45 am Discussion of Software PDR

12:00 pm 11. IRAM-AIPS++ test (Lucas)

            - phase I final report (Lucas)

            - phase II+III progress reports (Lucas)

Reading Materials:  The report written by J. Pety with all the testers is available at: http://iram.fr/~lucas/almassr/aips++reuse-phase2.pdf

A report for Phase I is also available.  The Audit is also available.  The current statusof Phase III is available.New

12:30 pm Discussion

13:00 pm Lunch

14:00 pm 12. Presentation on simulators (Viallefond; Pety)

            - ALMA simulator (Viallefond) 15 mins

            - Grenoble simulator (Pety) 15 mins

14:30 pm Discussion

14:45 pm 13. Drafting of report (Closed Session)

16:15 pm Break

16:30 pm Presentation of Findings (All)