3D Scientific Visualization with Blender

Brian R. Kent

3D Scientific Visualization with Blender is aimed at researchers and students who want to take their data visualization to the next level. This book takes the user through an understanding of 3D graphics and modeling for different visualization scenarios in the physical sciences.

Scientific experiments have the potential to produce stunning visuals that aid in analysis as well as conveying results to a broader audience. Blender is an open source software program aimed at creating and manipulating 3D models and data. By utilizing the power of Blender, scientists can fully realize their data visualizations to produce high quality 3D renderings, animations, and video. This includes guides and self-paced tutorials for:

  • Understanding and manipulating the interface
  • Generating 3D models
  • Understanding lighting, animation, and camera control
  • Scripting data import with the Python API
Guided projects include downloadable scripts and files the guide the reader in their studies.

3D Scientific Visualization with Blender is available from both Amazon, IOP Publishing, and Morgan and Claypool Publishers.